25 April 2013

Our little project just got a little bit bigger today and is moving away from the personal repository to a shiny new open-source organization called hyperq. We're busy underneath hoods tinkering with link changes, repo structures and the usual stuff, and apologies in advance if service gets interupted.

What does hyperq stand for?

Lots of things. The name was the end result of thinking of many, many cool names to do with HFT, machine learning, algorithms and trading, all of which turned out to be taken already on github.

The project is all about achieving high profits (hy-p) by building high performance software (hy-per) for High-Frequency Trading (the hy, I suppose). And it's about putting the q back in quant when it comes to thinking about low-latency. It's going to be both (q)uick and smart.

But to do all of that we need help (and a touch of patience). A tweet of encouragement is nice to get, a short critique of our repos even nicer. Before you know it, you'll be wanting to be a hyperq_t and join in the fun.

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